Why Should You Go For Fatcow Hosting?


If you’re a small company or business and would like to put up a website, you should go for a web hosting company that clearly has your best interests at heart. A good example of such a company is Fatcow. Most of the services offered by this company are specifically geared to help small businesses and individuals establish a significant presence online. Fatcow’s outstanding reputation is largely attributed to its ability to deliver affordable, reliable and proficient services in a market that is flooded with unscrupulous web host providers. Unlike most web host providers, Fatcow hosting offers a unique plan that includes all hosting solutions in one robust package. This plan ensures that an account holder has all the resources needed to manage their website without having to pay for additional features that they may require later.


Reasons you should go for Fatcow Hosting


Well, there are lots of reasons why you should choose Fatcow Web hosting over all other hosting providers. Some of these reasons include:


Beginner tutorials and services


Fatcow understands that not all new account holders are website designers. Therefore, the company offers some useful guides, video tutorials, and site builders to help beginners learn how to put up professional looking websites within minutes. Furthermore, most of the features offered by the web host are so user friendly that a user will rarely find themselves running into technical difficulties when running their website.


Free features


When you sign up for a Fatcow hosting account, you are entitled to a number of free features, which include a free domain name, free website builders, free content management software and a free listing on the yellowpages official website. Hostpapa also offers several freebies and promotional credits when you signup for their hosting. They are currently running a sale where you can buy their entry level hosting plan and also their business hosting plan at the same rate of $3.95 per month. Visit this Hostpapa Coupon Code page for more such deals.


Affordable hosting services


For a reasonable fee of $49 a year, which roughly translates to $4 a month, you can get to experience some of the best hosting services on the planet. For those who are a bit skeptical about the service, you can try it out risk free since unsatisfied customers are offered a 30 day money-back guarantee.


Fatcow coupon and discount


Fatcow coupons can help you earn a good discount (can go as high as 70% off) on most of the services offered by Fatcow. Fatcow discount codes can be obtained on a number of websites, which feature Fatcow reviews. If you are a sucker for discounts and deals, you would definitely like Godaddy hosting as the company offers maximum discounts on its entire range of hosting and domain services. So you can register a domain at Godaddy in just $0.99 for a year and even buy their WordPress hosting at price of $1/month. Use these Godaddy Coupons for maximum benefits.


Unlimited Features


Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, unlimited storage disk space, unlimited hosted domains and unlimited mailboxes ensure that you never run out of resources when putting up your website. A2Hosting also offers unlimited hosting plans at very cheap prices. Click on the a2hosting coupon link.


Fatcow’s strong initiative to conserve the environment


Fatcow’s entire operations are run on power generated from wind energy. Hosting your website on Fatcow shows your support in the fight against global warming and environmental degradation.


Unparalleled customer care services and support


24/7 experienced customer support ensures that all client needs and queries are attended to in a timely manner. Each member of the customer support team knows that each issue should be treated as top priority, therefore, cases are never left pending for long periods of time. Customer support can be contacted through email, live chat or their phone number which can be found on the company’s official website.


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